354 U.S. RT 22
P.O. Box 880 Green Brook NJ, 08812


Are your products made in the USA?

JGS uses a variety of sources for our products. In addition, to our manufacturing facilities in New Jersey, JGS uses several domestic and overseas vendors, producing mainly nuts, bolts, cables and several other high volume items.

What coatings are offered by JGS?

Basically, all items sold are Galvanized cold rolled steel

Does JGS offer consulting services?

JGS personal have over 30 years’ experience in the overhead garage door industry and will provide any assistance we can with any specific issue but we do not provide direct consulting services.

Is JGS fully insured?

JGS is fully insured & will stand behind all of our products

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, $2,000.00 Minimum order